CBS' Happy Together: Grade It!

A pair of family sitcoms made their debuts on CBS Monday night, including the Damon Wayans Jr. vehicle Happy Together, which finds an ordinary couple suddenly housing a famous musician.

Wayans Jr. (Happy Endings) and Amber Stevens West (The Carmichael Show) star as accountant Jake and restaurant designer Claire, a happily married couple who have fallen into a comfortable — if somewhat boring — routine. Case in point: They schedule sex and spend their free time recording new outgoing messages for their voicemail inbox.

All of that gets shaken up, though, when one of Jake’s clients — the massively famous singer Cooper James (Felix Mallard of Australia’s Neighbours) — breaks up with his movie-star girlfriend and asks if he can crash at Jake and Claire’s house until the paparazzi insanity dies down.

At first, Cooper’s stay goes swimmingly; he’s charmed by Jake and Claire’s simple life, including the Toaster Strudel they eat for breakfast. (To be fair, Toaster Strudel is delicious.) But when he invites the couple to go dancing at a private club that night, someone snaps a photo of Claire and Cooper on the dance floor — with Jake conveniently cropped out of the picture — and the tabloids wrongly announce that Claire is having an affair with the pop star.

With the help of Cooper’s manager, Jake and Claire convince Cooper to get back together with girlfriend Sierra and move out of their house, thus letting their lives go back to normal. But when Claire’s mother shows them a TMZ-esque paparazzi video of Cooper and Sierra the next day, they can see that Cooper isn’t happy to be back with his controlling girlfriend, and they feel guilty for tossing him out of their house. After all, the kid doesn’t seem to have anyone looking out for him.

Jake and Claire then track Cooper down at a photoshoot he’s doing with Sierra and tell him they’d like for him to move back in. It doesn’t take much arm-twisting to get Cooper to agree; he breaks up with Sierra for a second time, much to her disappointment, and takes Jake and Claire up on their offer. He even helps them record a new outgoing voicemail message, acoustic guitar and all.

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