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Chicago Med Mystery: What Happened Between Ava and Connor's Dad?

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Chicago Med‘s Season 4 premiere left us with one very burning question: Just how far did things go between Dr. Ava Bekker and Dr. Connor Rhodes’ father?

After Connor’s proposal for a hybrid emergency OR failed to get funding from the hospital’s board, Ava approached Connor’s dad Cornelius, who is a wealthy donor to the institution. He initially rebuffed the idea, but Ava — determined to find a way to keep Connor from taking a job in Minnesota — put on a fancy dress and invited Cornelius to dinner to continue discussing the project. Ultimately, Ava secured the money… but at what cost?

“Whatever is happening is for Connor,” Norma Kuhling, who plays Ava, says. “She very, very strongly has feelings for him, wants him to stay, thinks that if he had the opportunity to stay, he might want to, and will do whatever it takes to make sure that’s a possibility.”

So what exactly transpired between the surgeon and Cornelius that made him change his mind? “That’s something we will reveal in the course of the season,” executive producer Diane Frolov says. “We’ll get little pieces of information about that evening.”

Although Ava did what she did to keep Connor in Chicago, “she would be desperate for him not to find out how the hybrid room was funded,” EP Andrew Schneider adds.

Lucky for her, “I don’t think [Connor] has any clue what’s going on,” co-star Colin Donnell shares. “As far as he’s concerned, the money for the room came from, obviously, Ava standing up and supporting him in his proposal. But I don’t think that he would ever suspect anything would ever happen. He’s just as happy as a pig in s–t that he got his money.”

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC — except for next week, when the series temporarily shifts to 9 pm for the #OneChicago franchise’s three-show crossover event. For scoop on the season premiere’s surprise exit and the future of “Manstead,” click here for TVLine’s post mortem.

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