Blind Item: Which Drama Series Is Eyeing a 20-Year (!!) Time Jump?

Blind Item Time Jump

UPDATE: BLIND ITEM REVEALED! Let’s call it a time jump on steroids. A popular drama series is looking to shake things up creatively by jumping ahead in time by upwards of two decades.

A source cautions that the ambitious idea — which would likely find several of the show’s cast members quadrupling their time in the makeup chair in order to authentically morph into their now-older characters — is still in the planning stages and a number of stars (both literal and figurative) would have to align in order to pull off such a narrative gamble.

It’s also unclear how much of the season — and how many of the storylines — would take place in the new, futuristic setting. One likely possibility would find the show toggling between eras (taking a page from This Is Us, Outlander and Westworld’s play books) throughout the season.

Now for the clues: The series in question is slated to return with its new season sometime in 2019. And it does not air on one of the Big 5 broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox or The CW). It is a cable/streaming entity.

OK, your turn: What show do you think is contemplating a time warp of epic proportions? We are now accepting your best, most educated guesses in the comments section down below.

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