Big Brother Season 20 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is...

Big Brother

After three months in the Big Brother house, a football player, a lifeguard and a dancer were the only three contestants left with a shot at $500,000.

The CBS reality staple wrapped its 20th season on Wednesday night, when the nine-member jury convened to award either Kaycee Clark, Tyler Crispen or JC Mounduix the summer’s grand prize.

But before the jurors could cast their votes, there was quite a bit of business to handle during the 90-minute finale. Here are the highlights:

* Kaycee, Tyler and JC duked it out in Part 1 and Part 2 of the final Head of Household competition, which — in typical BB fashion — were an endurance challenge and a memory-based challenge, respectively. Tyler won Part 1 (despite initially telling Kaycee he would throw the competition), then Kaycee triumphed over JC by finishing Part 2 just a minute faster than he did.

* Angela made her way to the jury house, where she and her fellow evictees debated the merits of the final three contestants. The consensus? Tyler did them dirty, but he admittedly played an excellent game. (I have to confess: I let out a little snort when Rockstar said that JC was the one running things in the house all summer. Agree to disagree, girl.)

* Kaycee and Tyler faced off in Part 3 of the HOH competition, in which they had to determine whether pre-recorded statements from the jury members were true or false. The game ultimately came down to a tiebreaker question — how long did Part 1 of this final HOH last, in seconds? — and Kaycee came closest to the correct answer (within 13 seconds!), making her the very last Head of Household of the summer. She evicted JC and brought Tyler to the Final Two.

* After the jurors interrogated Kaycee and Tyler and cast their votes for the winner, the first five evictees of the season were brought back… and Swaggy C proposed to Bayleigh! After knowing her for 23 days! (Don’t worry, she said yes.)

* Then, it was finally time for Julie Chen (Moonves) to reveal the Season 20 champ. By a vote of 5-4, this summer’s winner is… Kaycee!

* But fret not, Tyler fans: In addition to winning $50,000 as this season’s runner-up, Tyler was also voted America’s Favorite Houseguest — to his tearful surprise — and pocketed another $25,000.

That’s a wrap on Season 20, Big Brother fans! Do you agree with Kaycee’s win? Cast your vote in our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the finale!

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