Fall TV Preview

Tube Talk: James Roday Previews His Groundbreaking Million Little Things Role — Plus, Psych Sequel Update

You know how, when a couple is having a tiff on the subway, you don’t mean to, but you can’t help but listen in? That’s kind of what the third episode of TVLine’s underground spoiler hunt Tube Talk is like. When Michael Ausiello runs into A Million Little ThingsJames Roday, the snark flows faster than the train itself.

But, of course, despite the tension in the air, our boss is on a mission: to get scoop. So he convinces the actor to open up about his new ABC drama and his groundbreaking role in it (his character is battling breast cancer), does his damnedest to find out what’s in Roday’s mysterious briefcase, and ultimately gets confirmation that a second Psych movie is happening. “Stories have been told, words have been written,” he reveals. “We’re just waiting for schedules to line up.”

And then, just when you think the episode can’t possibly squeeze in another surprise, there’s a biggie — and it’s more shocking than a train actually keeping to its schedule. What is it? Press PLAY on the video above to find out, and be sure to come back Thursday for Episode 4 of Tube Talk, in which Ausiello straphangs out with New Girl-turned-Neighborhood star Max Greenfield.