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Nikki DeLoach Teases Awkward Holiday Reunion, Recalls 'Surreal' Experience on Grey's Anatomy and More

Awkward Reunion Movie

All Nikki DeLoach wanted for Christmas was an Awkward reunion, and she got it… a few months early. The actress formerly known as Lacey Hamilton is currently filming opposite her MTV husband Mike Faiola in Hallmark Channel’s Reunited at Christmas, a considerably more serious holiday movie than you might expect from the feel-good network.

“It’s a different kind of Christmas movie than I’ve ever done,” DeLoach tells TVLine. “It’s a family that has gone through a divorce, and they’re all being brought back together again at Christmas. This is a real ensemble Christmas movie. It’s been challenging, but also super rewarding. I think audiences will really connect with and relate to it.” As for reuniting with Faiola, she says, “It’s been really fun to do something with him again. Sometimes we sit around set and talk about Awkward and how special it was.”

But first, you can catch DeLoach in Hallmark’s Truly, Madly, Sweetly, premiering Saturday at 9/8c. DeLoach stars as Natalie, a baker who has to start from scratch (get it?) when her ex-boyfriend runs off with her cupcake recipes — and uses them to become famous. When Natalie’s baking mentor passes away, she finds herself at odds with the mentor’s nephew (played by Arrow’s Dylan Neal) who believes his aunt’s company should be sold rather than saved. “It’s a Hallmark movie, so there’s a happy ending,” DeLoach says. (Spoiler alert?) “But it’s all about the fun way we get to the happy ending.” (OK, phew.)

In honor of DeLoach and Faiola’s on-screen reunion, TVLine invited her to walk down TV memory lane, recalling some of her favorite memories from Awkward, as well as her guest spots on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men and Castle. Browse our gallery of her best stories — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own favorite below.