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Supernatural Season 14 Trailer: [Spoiler] Is OK With Killing Dean?!

The quest to take down the Apocalypse World archangel Michael might require killing Dean Winchester — and one member of the Supernatural family is seemingly fine with that in a new trailer for Season 14 (premiering Thursday, Oct. 11 on The CW).

“Michael needs to be stopped,” Jack says in the above video. When Cas replies that would mean Dean’s demise, the Nephilim simply responds, “Then he dies.”

Hey, kid, that’s one of your many pseudo-fathers you’re talking about! On the other hand, Michael really is up to no good in his new vessel — “You don’t recognize me with this pretty face?” he asks the angel Anael — and appears to be torturing victims, so perhaps Jack has a point? (In case you missed it: Dean will be MIA for at least a little bit while Michael takes the wheel, so to speak.)

Elsewhere in the preview, Mary tries to reassure Sam that they will find his brother, then later gets into a brawl with some baddies. Speaking of which, Sam’s had enough of hellish evils and declares, “There will be no new King of Hell!”

Press PLAY above to watch the trailer and see star Jensen Ackles in action as Michael. Then check out TVLine’s Fall TV Preview for even more Supernatural scoop.

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