NBC's I Feel Bad Preview: Grade It!

I Feel Bad Review

NBC this Wednesday used America’s Got Talent‘s well-watched finale to tee up a double-episode preview of I Feel Bad. After sampling the Amy Poehler-produced sitcom, complete this sentence: “I feel _____.”

Officially premiering Thursday, Oct. 4 at 9:30/8:30c (leading out of Will & Grace), I Feel Bad stars Sarayu Blue (Monday Mornings, No Tomorrow) as Emet, a wife/mother/business professional who each episode feels, you know, not good about something. In the premiere, she fretted that she was turning into her mother, while the second episode had her feeling guilty about “cheating” on her demanding family with the vacationing neighbors’ retreat-like home, where she enjoyed some needed, yet elusive, “me” time.

When not keeping husband David (Girlfriends’ Guide‘s Paul Adelstein) from “spinning out” and/or minding their two young kids, Emet deals with another set of adolescents at her workplace (which is some sort of videogame start-up). There, 2018-incongrous situations are abound, whether Emet is asking the all-male staff if she is still “doable” or announcing that she had sex with her husband the night before.

At home, Emet also deals with her sitcom-intrusive, seemingly omnipresent parents, played by Brian George (Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory) and Madhur Jaffrey (EastEnders).

If you knew to (or even didn’t) check out Wednesday’s double-episode preview, ahead of its official Thursday, Oct. 4 premiere, how did I Feel bad leave you feeling?

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