Chevy Chase Slams the Current SNL: 'The Worst F—king Humor in the World'

Chevy Chase SNL Interview

Just another reminder that he’s Chevy Chase and you’re not: The former SNL cast member is making it very clear he’s not a fan of the current incarnation of NBC’s late-night sketch show.

In an extensive new profile in The Washington Post, Chase doesn’t mince words when asked to assess SNL‘s recent episodes: “I don’t want to put down Lorne [Michaels] or the cast, but I’ll just say… I’m amazed Lorne has gone so low. I had to watch a little of it, and I just couldn’t f–king believe it.” When he’s told that SNL still does well in the ratings, Chase shrugs it off: “That means a whole generation of s–theads laughs at the worst f–king humor in the world.”

To be fair, Chase hasn’t been an avid SNL fan for a while now. “I’d have to say that, after the first two years, it went downhill,” he says. Perhaps not coincidentally, Chase himself left the show midway through its second season in 1976, going on to pursue a career in movies like Caddyshack, National Lampoon’s Vacation and Fletch.

He’s not exactly charitable when asked to comment on his fellow SNL alumni, either. He dismisses Will Ferrell as “just not funny,” and while praising Eddie Murphy’s impression of Stevie Wonder, can’t help but add: “It’s not that hard, for Christ’s sake. Your skin’s the same color.”

Chase did return to SNL for the show’s 40th anniversary special in 2015, but hasn’t hosted the show since 1997. He recalls asking Lorne Michaels six years ago if he could return to host again, and Lorne telling him, “‘You’re too old.’ I said, And Helen Mirren’s pretty and young?’ I didn’t get it… It’s like denying that I was the guy who made this show really go that first year. It’s like taking all that away from me.”

Is Chase being too harsh? Or does he actually have a point about SNL? Share your reaction in a comment below.

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