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The Good Place's Manny Jacinto Picks a Side in Janet vs. Tahani, Hints at a 'Smarter' Jason (!) in Season 3

The Good Place Season 3 Premiere Jason Manny Jacinto

There are two kinds of Good Place fans: those who want to see Jason end up with Tahani, and those who like him better with Janet — and now Manny Jacinto has made his allegiance known.

Jacinto, who plays the dopey Jason on NBC’s afterlife comedy, tells TVLine he’s firmly a member of… Team Janet. “I mean, I love Tahani, but there’s something about Janet and Jason’s interactions,” he explains. “There’s just so much love, and I hope to see that continue to flourish in this new season.”

Season 3 — which debuts with a special one-hour premiere on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c — sees Jason and his fellow humans placed back on Earth to test how far they’ve come in their ethical progress. “I think he’s not only becoming smarter, but becoming less selfish… and maybe becoming a better person,” Jacinto teases. (Wait, a smarter Jason? Give us a second to process that bombshell.) We’ll see “the evolution of Jason’s emotional maturity,” Jacinto adds, as the Jacksonville DJ becomes “maybe 10 percent smarter than he was before.” (OK, whew… 10 percent smarter, we can handle. That’s still not very smart.)

It’s also the most ambitious Good Place season yet, according to Jacinto: “This season has gone everywhere. This is the most we’ve shot on location… we definitely go through a ride this season.” And yes, Season 3 introduces us to another creative curse word from the sanitized Good Place, he reveals. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but… ‘soak my deck.’ Yeah. Look out for that.” (Additional reporting by Scott Huve)