Salvation Finale Recap: 'It's Here'

Salvation Season 2 Finale

CBS’ Salvation wrapped its sophomore run on Monday night with a reveal that rock’d Team Darius’ world.

Rescued from his torturing at the hands of Uncle Nichols and cult leader Bass, Darius’ noodle was quite scrambled. In fact, he didn’t properly come to until… 44 days later! Meaning, Samson was expected to make impact in just three days!

With Harris ready to unleash the nukes and thus damn humanity (protective bunkers or not) to decimation — and learning from Grace that Uncle Nicholas and Bass already loaded up and made off with the Salvation ark — Darius had little time to whip up a plan. And all his addled self had to work off of was the recurring motif of a hummingbird.

But after looting a pet shop and luring a hummingbird to the feeder he bought, Darius’ idea crystallized some: Hummingbirds seem to hover in place, but in actuality are moving and then returning to the same place very quickly, imperceptible to the human eye.

And Samson, he deduces, did the same thing, during the rail gun slug’s seeming miss.

After confirming with Mozzie at an Antarctica research outpost, that pulses of invisible energy (or something) were detected at the time the slug should have hit Samson, Darius storms the Pentagon to demand that Harris hold off on the nukes. Pressed to clarify his sketchy theory, Darius says that the rail gun slug didn’t miss Samson, but that the asteroid briefly jumped out of the way.

Because the asteroid… isn’t an asteroid.

Darius, Grace, Harris, Liam and Jillian then head outside to witness was expected to be Samson’s impact, only to watch the massive, spherical and seemingly organic object slow down to a hover in the sky above.

“Whatever it is… it’s here,” Darius observes, before Season 2 fades to black.

Elsewhere in the finale:

* When Alycia, gorgeous Alycia, reached out to RE/SYST figurehead Nero to help hack into and shut down the Russian nukes, it was revealed — to us as well as Harris — that his son, Dylan, is actually alive. Harris in turn got Dylan a spot in the bunker, to be with his baby momma Zoe.

* When Darius, Grace, Liam and Jillian left Tanz to storm the Pentagon, Alycia opted to stay behind rather than join them.

What did you think of the season-ending twist? And are you clamoring for a renewal?

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