The Flash Family 'Reunion' Mystery: Why Will Nora Be Chilly to Her Mom?

Flash Season 5 Spoilers

The Flash‘s West-Allen family “reunion” stands to be a quite awkward one, given speedster-from-the-future Nora’s favoring of one parental unit over another.

Having apparently made the “big mistake” of traveling to the past (against one parent’s wishes?), only to get stuck in our time, Nora introduced herself to Barry, Iris, et al in the May finale. And that after reveal came after the lass spent much of Season 4 covertly checking in on everyone… except her mother.

What’s up with that?

After introducing herself (and identifying the lender of her familiar speedster jacket), “Nora’s really keen, and she wants to make her dad really happy,” Jessica Parker Kennedy shared with TVLine at EW‘s Pre-Emmy Party. Alas, “Her mom is not on the radar in the same way.

“Her total goal is to bond with her father and impress him,” Kennedy reiterates. “Her mom, on the other hand, she has a bit of a cold shoulder towards.”

The Flash‘s leading lady, Candice Patton, echoed her TV daughter, acknowledging that Iris and Nora “are not getting along too well” as Season 5 unfolds (starting Tuesday, Oct. 9). “She is harboring feelings of animosity towards me, and we don’t really know why yet.”

In the meantime, Iris will join viewers in wondering why that is, while trying not to hold Barry’s insta-bond with Nora against him.

“It’s really hard,” said Patton. “It’s really hard [for Iris] to see Nora idolize her father, while wanting to spend every waking moment with her” — to the extent that “it’s a point of contention for her and Barry. She feels a little jealous, but at the same time really confused, and yet also happy for Barry, so….”

For how long will viewers, at least, be left chilled by this coolness between mother and child? “You’ll find more about that as the season goes on,” Kennedy promised. (With reporting by Scott Huver)

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