No Trump Mentions at the Emmys? John Oliver Has a Theory About Why

John Oliver Emmys 2018 Winner Donald Trump

Did you hear that…?

Yeah, that’s the sound of someone’s name not being mentioned even once during this year’s Emmys telecast.

Despite more than a few political overtones throughout the night, President Trump’s name wasn’t uttered once by any of the award winners or presenters — and John Oliver, whose HBO talk show Last Week Tonight won tonight for Outstanding Variety Talk Series, thinks that was intended to keep viewers from hitting the bottle.

“In the drinking game, I think we’re just trying to keep America sober,” Oliver joked backstage after his win. “Everyone needs their wits about them right now. You can’t drink the pain away.” But he doesn’t see the omission as a sign that Americans have lost interest in Trump: “If anyone takes away from the Emmys that we are ‘moving on’ past the presidency that we’re currently half or a quarter of the way through, we are totally f–ked!”

The Trump-free Emmys might be a reaction to the record-low ratings for last year’s telecast, as some blamed the ratings dip on an excess of political chatter. Presenter Samantha Bee did obliquely reference POTUS on Monday night, though, when she joked about her favorite TV show being “this very shocking dystopian drama called ‘the news’… It gets darker and darker, but I can’t stop watching.

“They really need to recast the lead. I’d prefer Robin Wright,” she added. “Just watch The Handmaid’s Tale instead. It’s a lot more fun.”

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