American Horror Story: Apocalypse: Burning Questions About the Outpost, the Cooperative, the Coven and More

AHS Apocalypse

Wednesday’s American Horror Story: Apocalypse premiere gave us a lot to chew on: A new crop of creepy characters, a truly twisted premise and even the season’s first named death. (“The stew… is Stu!”) But more than anything, it got our minds racing. To that end, here are seven burning questions we need answered as soon as possible:

Who is in the Cooperative? | Miss Venable described the mysterious organization as being made of “the greatest minds mankind has to offer — visionaries.” It would appear that Michael Langdon is a member, but why is he so against technology? (Like, I get being anti-social media, but would a few light bulbs kill him?) And what’s the difference between the Cooperative and the “benefactors” keeping the place going?

Where is Outpost 3? | Seriously, where exactly is this season happening? We have no idea how long it took Coco’s plane to arrive from Santa Monica, nor do we know where the Cooperative found Timothy or Emily. We suppose the answer to our next question may offer a clue…

What happened to the school? | During Timothy and Emily’s tour of Outpost 3, Miss Venable said the facility operated as an “exclusive boys school” for many years, then was purchased by someone who foresaw its usefulness in the new “beginning.” So… What was so special about this particular school building? What became of its students? And who, exactly, paid for it?

Is this actually a zombie season? | There’s a thin line between “apocalypse” and “zombie apocalypse,” and we feel like we’re about to cross it. Our zombie detectors first went off when Coco’s chauffeur started shooting people who tried to board the plane, only to be overpowered by them. There was also something about the way Miss Venable referred to the “canker puss monsters” who cling to life in the outside world. Lastly, let’s remember that the witches are on their way; Coven’s two-part zombie episode may have been just the beginning.

Who warned Timothy? | Our initial assumption was that Murder House‘s Rubber Man doodled “666” on the mirror, since we know from the trailer that Timothy and Emily will eventually encounter someone in that suit. But that only invites more questions: How did the suit make it all the way to Outpost 3? And who’s wearing it? Aren’t ghosts confined to the house in which they originally died?

How do the witches factor into all of this? | We’re excited to reunite with the Coven gang — Madison, Cordelia, Zoe, Queenie, Misty, Myrtle and… Stevie Nicks — but we’re having a hard time imagining the context in which we’ll see them again. Are they living in one of the other remaining Outposts? Or at the “sanctuary” Michael mentioned? Or will we only see them via flashbacks? The show’s finally gone post-apocalyptic, so the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Have we seen the last of Coco’s husband? | Poor Brock may have been trapped “in f–ing Santa Monica!!!” when the ballistic missiles hit, but does that necessarily mean he’s dead? Billy Eichner Instagrammed a behind-the-scenes picture of himself having what appeared to be a head mold taken on the set of Season 8, so unless his beheading was cut from the premiere, it’s possible we’ll be seeing Brock — or at least part of him — again.

Now you tell us: What questions are rattling in your brain after that AHS premiere? And do you have any answers to any of the questions above? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.