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HTGAWM: Connor and Oliver's Wedding Takes a Deadly Turn in Season 5 Trailer

As is tradition on How to Get Away With Murder, an occasion that should be joyous will become a deadly affair.

The Middleton University pep rally? Check. The Caplan & Gold party? Check. And now, as seen in the Season 5 trailer, it will be Connor and Oliver’s long-awaited nuptials that are completely upended.

In the video embedded above, Annalise is on a post-Supreme Court high, now that she’s teaching at Middleton again (and, as showrunner Pete Nowalk told us, running an intense third-year legal clinic where her students will try their own cases).

But just as Annalise is shaking her groove thing on the dance floor at Connor and Oliver’s wedding, she spies Frank at the side of the room — and he doesn’t look happy. “Why do you look like someone just died?” she asks him, at which point the trailer takes an ominous turn. Bonnie in tears! Oliver screaming! Blood-soaked… snow?

The teaser also offers a longer glimpse at Middleton newbie Gabriel Maddox (newly minted series regular Rome Flynn), who Nowalk confirmed “is probably our biggest mystery” in Season 5.

“He will factor in in a huge way, for all of the characters,” Nowalk teased.

How to Get Away With Murder‘s fifth season premieres Thursday, Sept. 27, at 10/9c on ABC. Check out the trailer above, then hit the comments with your hopes for Season 5!