American Ninja Warrior: Take a Deep Dive Into the First Underwater Obstacle

“For nine years, the entire goal of Ninja Warrior has been to stay dry,” host Matt Iseman points out. But in the Season 10 finale, Ninjas will be asked to swim for their buzzer-beating lives in the NBC series’ first underwater obstacle. And TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek.

In Stage 2 of this year’s Las Vegas finale (airing Monday at 8/7c), Ninjas have four-and-a-half minutes to tackle Epic Catch & Release (a super-sized version of a Dallas obstacle), Crisscross Salmon Ladder, Déjà Vu (new), Swing Surfer and then Wingnut Alley, before being offered goggles and invited to break through the Water Walls, the first underwater gauntlet.

Watch a spoiler-free tester demonstrate the new obstacle in the video above.

“You’re on Stage 2, so you’ve already gone through five absolutely brutal obstacles,” Iseman notes. “Your heart rate is going to be between 140 and 180 — and now you have to go underwater and lift, move, slide and twist these doors that are 50 to 100 lbs., all while the clock is ticking down.”

Ninja Warrior is coming through on a whole new level with the addition of a water element,” adds co-host Akbar Gbajabiamila. “Talk about unexpected obstacles…. I think both the Ninjas and myself were in shock, awe, and hungry to figure it out!”

The hosts concur that the Water Walls (which replace Wall Flip) serve as testament to Ninja Warrior‘s mission to forever evolve and challenge its competitors.

“The Warped Wall used to be one of the most difficult obstacles, and then we had a Mega Wall…,” Iseman observes. “Now it’s like, ‘Lets put them under water and see what they can do!'” Keeping in mind that Ninjas aren’t necessarily comfortable under water, and thus may panic and/or eat up precious time.

Quips Iseman, “Listen, this is why I stay in the host booth!”

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