Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 on NBC Gets Bigger, Expanded to 18 Episodes

Brooklyn Nine Nine Extra Episodes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s almost-didn’t-happen season is not only very much happening, it is now a whopping 38 percent bigger.

NBC — which picked up the acclaimed comedy back in May, after Fox declined to renew it — has added five episodes to its Season 6 order, bringing it to 18 episodes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will make its NBC debut at midseason.

At the time Brooklyn Nine-Nine wrapped its Fox run, there was the none-too-small matter of Captain Holt and his candidacy for the police commissioner post. “We thought it’d be fun to have a cliffhanger and wonder what’s going to happen next year,” co-creator Dan Goor explained after the finale aired. “And the truth of the matter is, it’s nice to give yourself time as writers and producers to figure out if the idea you have is the right idea for next season.”

And as for whether viewers will get to peek in on Jake and Amy’s post-nuptial revelry, Goor said, “I definitely think seeing some of their honeymoon seems funny. I don’t know if that means we do a flashback to it, or if we do a cold open about it, or if we do a whole episode about it… Or if it’s a series of flashbacks we see throughout the season, I don’t know.”

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