Riverdale Season 3 Promo: Archie Behind Bars! Creepy Cults! (Oh My!)

While you were out soaking up the sunshine this summer, Riverdale was apparently hard at work making Season 3 as crazy as possible.

The first look at the new season of The CW’s teen drama — debuting Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c — is out, courtesy of E! News, and it’s packed with so many jaw-dropping reveals, we need to take a breath. Let’s start with Archie: Though we know Riverdale’s golden boy was falsely accused of murder, it looks like he spends at least some time in police custody this season. Here, we see him stewing behind bars, getting caught up in a prison riot and even smashing a bottle inside his jail cell. (Hey, how’d he get that in there?)

The promo also hints that the season’s big mystery will revolve around the weirdo cult that Betty’s sister Polly has recruited her mom Alice into. We see those two holding up Polly’s twins in some kind of creepy ceremony, and Betty passing out cold mid-investigation, along with a True Detective-esque masked monster with tree branches and antlers. (Yipes.)

We also see a lot of romances heating up: Archie and Veronica in bed together, Betty and Jughead kissing by a roaring fire, Kevin and Moose exchanging a smooch in the school hallway — and Alice and F.P. enjoying a sweaty post-coital cuddle! Plus, Veronica informs her dad Hiram that “we will survive whatever you have planned, because we are endgame.”

And is that Jughead yelling for help at the end, alongside two shirtless men in dire need of medical attention? After you watch the sneak peek above, drop a comment below to tell us which details intrigued you the most.

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