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NCIS: LA Will Confirm Hidoko's Fate in Season 10 Premiere — Your Prediction?

NCIS Hidoko Dead or Alive

In addition to detailing who suffered what injuries (if not death itself) as a result of the cartel’s missile strike on the team’s truck, NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Season 10 premiere (airing Sunday, Sept. 30) will solve the mystery of what happened to Special Agent Harley Hidoko.

Hidoko conspicuously went missing in the Season 9 finale, having sneaked off to Mexico by her lonesome once it became clear that Mosley’s son was in the clutches of his cartel boss pop. Upon arriving in Mexico themselves, Callen & Co. were led to believe that a burned pile of bones was their MIA colleague — though things were far from definitive.

I for one hold onto the theory that in the immediate wake of the truck explosion, as the team recuperates, Hidoko will pop up out of the brush, camouflaged, and neutralize the immediate threat. “Anything can happen,” showrunner R. Scott Gemmill said when I ran that wishful thinking by him. And while the EP said nothing more about her situation, he did confirm that the season opener will answer all questions.

Acknowledging the positive fan reaction to Andrea Bordeaux’s character, Gemmill hails Hidoko as “a really interesting addition to the show.” And a bit of an unexpected one, at that.

“Andrea came into read for a small part, I think for a bar girl, and I just thought she was so interesting that we put her into this different role,” he shared with TVLine during our Fall Preview Q&A. “Andrea comes from a military background” — as an Army brat who grew up in Texas — “so she had this bearing, and a really great look, so we built this character around her and used her a lot.”

Indeed, Hidoko at first served as almost the yang to new EAD Shay Mosley’s yin — a slightly less rigid someone the NCIS team could actually have a dialogue with. But over time, she was involved in the occasional op, even going undercover at one point.

“It was a character that wasn’t really thought that far through because we have our whole team [to write for], but once we created her, we found she became very useful,” Gemmill says. “She was someone whose history we could explore, as she comes from sort of a different background,” having joined NCIS after serving in Afghanistan with a Marine Female Engagement Team.

“I think it’s a really interesting story, these female Marines who are a part of that world,” Gemmill says. “I think they make for great characters, and Harley has been a vital part of our team.”

And after all, “Her going to Mexico for Mosley, sort of on her own, is what set everything in action” for the Season 9 finale.

Of note, Bordeuax’s name is not listed among the season premiere’s cast. Though that could be some stealthy misdirection, to keep the cartel in the dark….

Do you think Hidoko is alive and well but laying low somewhere, waiting to save the team’s bacon? Is she (gulp) in fact the burned bones? Or will she be revealed to have perished some other way?

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