Game of Thrones Quiz: How Many Character Names Can You Remember?

We have news fresh from the latest raven: Today marks a full year since HBO’s Game of Thrones last aired a new episode. (It actually feels even longer than that, doesn’t it?) That’s a long time to wait to see what kind of damage the Night King can do with Dany’s resurrected dragon on the other side of The Wall… and an even longer time to keep all of the characters’ names straight.

You may consider yourself a Game of Thrones maester… but even the sharpest mind can dull in a year’s time. So to refresh your memory — and to get you ready for Thrones‘ final run of episodes, debuting in the first half of 2019 — we have a challenge for you. (A trial by mental combat, if you will.) It’s simple, really: Click through our gallery of more than three dozen currently alive Game of Thrones characters, and try to remember each of their names. It starts out easy, with familiar faces, and then progresses to increasingly obscure ones, until getting a perfect score is harder than Valyrian steel.

Ready to test your mettle? Strap your armor on and venture into the gallery at the right — or click here for direct access — to see how many names from the land of Westeros you can recall. (No cheating!) Be sure to keep score, too, because after you’re done, you can come back and hit the comments below to crow about (or mourn) your tally.