Man in the High Castle Fights Nazis With 'Pride' in Season 3 Trailer — Watch

If you need some musical inspiration to battle back against Nazis, a U2 cover makes for a pretty great soundtrack.

The Season 3 trailer for Amazon’s alt-history drama The Man in the High Castle — which you can watch above — uses Lxandra’s stirring cover of the U2 hit “Pride (In the Name of Love)” to set the mood, as freedom fighter Juliana rallies the troops to resist the ruling Nazi regime. “We need to wake people up… fast,” she declares, before sharing some of the Man in the High Castle’s newsreel footage with a bewildered audience. But it won’t be easy: “The Nazis are purging American history,” Robert warns as we see the victorious fascists (yikes) toppling the Statue of Liberty and (double yikes) melting down the Liberty Bell.

A deadly clash seems inevitable, and protestors suffer a savage beating at the hands of thuggish authorities. And the Nazis may have the ultimate ace up their sleeves: We hear of an ominous “machine” the Nazis are building… and then see a towering mushroom cloud erupt in the desert.

All ten Season 3 episodes arrive on Amazon on Friday, Oct. 5, and the fight will continue: The streamer has already renewed Castle for a fourth season.

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at the new season, and then hit the comments to share your early Season 3 thoughts.

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