Magicians Stars Tease Bloody Season 4, the Monster's Evil... Tickle Plot?

The Magicians is upping the gore quotient considerably in Season 4: “I spend 50 percent of the time covered in blood,” star Jason Ralph told Kimberly Roots during a visit to TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite.

Ralph didn’t spill who or what is responsible for his character Quentin’s bloody state, but the actor did tease the nefarious intentions of the monster who took over Eliot’s body at the close of Season 3. While the baddie can take up residence in anyone, he’ll be spending at least some of his time in more unconventional places.

“There’s an episode where he spends most of the episode as a tree,” Ralph previewed. “And then there’s an episode where the monster goes into my slippers. I’m trying to get ready for bed, and he’s tickling my feet.” (You know, just the usual wackiness for the creative Syfy series.)

Other topics discussed in the video Q&A above: the gang’s new personas; another potential musical episode (“I never want to hear ‘Under Pressure’ ever again,” co-star Stella Maeve said); the loss of Julia’s “Goddess” status; and whether Alice is the key to everyone getting their memories back.

The Magicians Season 4 does not yet have a premiere date, but is expected to air in 2019.

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