Outlander: 6 Verra Good Reasons to Give Lord John His Own Spinoff Series

Outlander Lord John Spinoff TV Series Starz

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Outlanderverse, including but not limited to events that happen in the books and the Lord John novels/novellas. Proceed with caution, aye? 

Perhaps we’ve gone a wee bit daft from the Droughtlander doldrums, but the news of Outlander‘s exact Season 4 start date has us pretty amped for the Starz series’ return… and brainstorming ways to expand Claire and Jamie’s world so it takes over the schedule the way it has taken over our brains.

Step 1: A spinoff TV series centered on David Berry’s Lord John Grey.

Here’s a short primer for those unfamiliar with author Diana Gabaldon and her work: Lord John is a British military man who was the governor of Ardsmuir Prison, where Jamie was an inmate in Season 3. The two struck up an improbable friendship in spite of the fact that Grey is a gay man with feelings for the Scot, who doesna feel the same.

Lord John also is the central character of his own line of novels and novellas, which are set in the same universe as Outlander both before and after John meets the Frasers.

All of this means that there’s ample source material for another TV show, starring Berry and chronicling Grey’s exploits in London and beyond. The more we think of it, the more we need this series to come to fruition: Lord John’s story is dramatic, intriguing and inherently sexy (at one point, he says to Jamie, “I tell you, sir — were I to take you to my bed — I could make you scream. And by God, I would do it.” and TRY TO TELL US YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED NOW).

Plus, there are plenty of opportunity for familiar faces — a certain redhead, perhaps? — to make an appearance or two.

Click on the gallery at right to see all of our verra good reasons for Starz to greenlight a Lord John spinoff, then hit the comments with rationale of your own!

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