Riverdale's Best and Worst Couples, Ranked — Vote for Your Favorite!

Riverdale Best Worst Couples Ranked Bughead Varchie Choni

Love is in the air on Riverdale… but not all couples are created equal.

At its heart, The CW’s teen drama is a soap opera, so of course there are plenty of swoon-worthy romances and steamy hookups going on between the teens. (And their parents, too.) But this is Riverdale, so there are also hooded serial killers, and biker gangs, and mob bosses — and those things can really throw a wrench into the gears of a good relationship, you know.

So which of Riverdale‘s romantic pairings are meant to stand the test of time… and which are ultimately destined to flame out like Archie’s music career? (Sorry, Arch.) Here, we’ve taken the eight current couples heading into Season 3 — debuting Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c — and ruthlessly ranked them according to chemistry, compatibility and chances at long-term happiness.

Check out the photo gallery embedded above — or click here for direct access — to see how our Riverdale romance rankings stack up, and then vote for your favorite couple in the poll below and back up your pick in the comments. Are you Team “Bughead”? A charter crew member on the “Choni” ‘ship? Make your voice heard! (Remember, though: Keep it civil. We’re all just gossiping over milkshakes in a booth at Pop’s here.)

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