Shades of Blue Series Finale Video: Harlee Shares Her New Plan With Woz

Shades of Blue‘s Wozniak may be a fugitive, but he still has his ears to the ground. As such, he knows all about Harlee’s summoning of a police commission to hear testimony against corrupt Captain Ramsey.

But what he doesn’t know is who will be testifying!

In this exclusive sneak peek from the NBC drama’s Season 3 and series finale — titled “By Virtue fall” and airing Sunday, Aug. 19 at 10/9c — Harlee (played by Jennifer Lopez) is watching over her daughter the morning after Stahl (Warren Kole) invaded their home to do much harm. Instead, her tormenter wound up getting fatally gunned down (thanks to a “clutch” move by Cristina, our favorite new TV Teen).

When Woz (Ray Liotta) stops by the motel to check on the two, he urges Harlee not to dwell on what Stahl intended to do, but focus on on his new status as a cold body on a metal slab in the morgue. He then advises her to skip the police commission hearing, given the risk or her keeping or spilling secrets while under oath. That’s when Harlee shares the testimony twist she has on tap.

What does Wozniak think about her “simple” plan? Watch the sneak peek to find out!

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