How Jack Ryan Recruited a Red-Hot John Krasinski — Plus, Carlton Cuse Ponders the Inevitable Lost Reboot

“Awesomeness” is what the producers of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan were feeling as the Amazon series was showcased at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con — with, for example, a dangle-from-helicopter fan activation.

Three years in the making and premiering Friday, Aug, 31 (with 10 episodes), Jack Ryan offers up a “geopolitical thriller of the moment,” executive producer Graham Roland told Michael Ausiello in TVLine’s Comic-Con suite, by bringing the source material — which previously bore motion pictures starring Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck and then Chris Pine — up to date by way of “an original story.”

Exec producer Carlton Cuse says the titular CIA analyst is “a really hard character to embody,” starting off as he does as a super-smart desk jockey who then evolves into a charming action hero. Luckily, the script for Jack Ryan immediately struck a chord with John Krasinski, who caught the producers’ eye with his turn as a rugged Navy SEAL in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (and whose Office experience jibed with Jack Ryan’s cubicle life).

Mind you, that all took place long before Krasinski wowed Hollywood at large with his directing of A Quiet Place, in which he co-starred with wife Emily Blunt. Having the Amazon series premiere in the wake of that springtime blockbuster is “a great, fortuitous thing,” says Roland.

Elsewhere in the video Q&A above, Cuse and Roland discuss how Amazon was chosen, from many, to host the ambitious series (which filmed in four countries on three continents), as well as why Jack Ryan scored an extremely early Season 2.

Cuse then weighs in on the inevitable topic of the iconic Lost perhaps becoming the latest target(/victim?) of TV’s reboot trend. If ABC finds a way to revisit the series, do they have his blessing? Press play above for his current mindset!