Siren Cast Looks Ahead to Season 2, Theorizes a 'Wild' Change for [Spoiler]

It’s the question on every Siren fan’s mind: Will Ben grow his hair out for Season 2?

OK, that might be a bit of a stretch, but it was definitely on our mind when the Freeform drama’s cast dropped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite last month. And while Alex Roe’s co-stars had mixed opinions about the future of his golden locks, it sounded like he was in favor of some personal growth.

“I was practicing driving the [boat] and I felt the wind through my hair,” Roe said. “It felt different. I enjoyed it.”

Of course, Fola Evans-Akingbola was quick to point out that it’s too soon to speculate how much anyone will have changed between seasons, adding, “It’ll be interesting to see where Season 2 starts off from.” (Personally, we’re down with Rena Owen’s theory that, as a result of Ben being siren’d, he stops getting haircuts and lets it become a “wild mess.”)

Naturally, the conversation included a brief detour to ‘Shipsville, at which time Eline Powell offered her thoughts on how Siren‘s “love triangle” could be unlike most you’ve seen on TV: “In the mermaid world, which is similar in other marine mammals and to us, is that it’s quite fluid and just in the moment. It’s a beautiful exchange of love, it’s not so rigid.”

The stars of Siren also took a minute to discuss the outpouring of love they’ve received from fans; no one expected the show to catch on as quickly as it did.

“People have been so nice, really embracing the world, the theories, the characters, thinking about it, living it with us — even dressing up,” Powell says. “And doing amazing artwork. So much beautiful artwork! We’re really lucky and very grateful.”

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