Roseanne on Sitcom's Cancellation: 'ABC Should Be So Lucky to Get Anywhere Near' Those Ratings Again

Roseanne First Interview Hannity

“I was hacked!”

Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity on Thursday evening, Roseanne Barr led off with a joke in reference to the infamous tweet that wound up getting her fired from ABC, and in turn cost the network the No. 3 show on all of television.

During the in-depth interview that spanned most of Hannity‘s hour, the Roseanne revival’s leading lady maintained that what did her in was in fact “a political tweet,” and not a racist one, aimed at Iran-born Valerie Jarrett and her work as a senior advisor to President Obama. (Barr had tweeted, “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby — vj,” which was widely interpreted as likening Jarrett, who is of African-American descent, to a primate.)

“I told ABC this at the beginning: I will always defend Israel,” Barr, who is Jewish, said. “So that is a tweet about asking for accountability from the previous administration about the Iran deal” which Jarrett was involved in brokering.

With regard to the explosive, instant fallout, Barr claimed, “I was allowed under my contract to have 24 hours to correct any mistake” she made while tweeting, and so she asked for time on ABC’s The View to set the record straight. When that request didn’t come together in a timely manner, she decided, “I could fight this [termination], but … no, I’m just going to walk away.”

Barr of course walked away from TV’s No. 1-rated, most watched comedy.

“I was excited to show that [the Conner] family is [now] multiracial and also lives next door to Muslims whose ideas they don’t agree with. That was what I brought to television and what kicked everybody’s ass in the ratings,” she noted. “[ABC] should be so lucky that they’ll ever get anywhere near that.”

Accounting for the Roseanne revival’s success, Barr contended that audiences “wanted to see something balanced for once. Every other show is 24/7 hating on [President] Trump — I call it ‘hate-riotism’ — but that’s not going to help nothing. People want to hear balance, they want to hear the truth.”

And given that success, she marvels at the notion that she would tweet something so ill-advised, and effectively implode her career. “If you really think that at the height of my power and fame [I would author a racist tweet]… I wouldn’t,” she asserted. “I’m not stupid.”

As for The Conners, the spinoff that ABC quickly commissioned to try and stem some of the sure-to-hemorrhage ratings, Barr was asked if she was happy to sign off on it.

“It was what was put before me to do,” she replied, after acknowledging there was also a financial settlement with undisclosed terms. “What God puts before me, I do. I don’t try to win, I just do what’s before me.”

All told, she conceded, “I made a mistake, obviously, and it cost me everything. My life’s work. I made a mistake and I’ve paid the price for it.

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