Magnum P.I. Team Talks About the Missing [Spoiler], Docile Dobermans and Getting Selleck's Sign-Off

Once face-to-face with the cast of CBS’ Magnum P.I., TVLine wasted no time getting to the bottom of what the reboot is missing (hint: it’s curly), when compared to the original Hawaii-set series.

Executive producers Peter M. Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim quickly jumped in to address the elephant in the room, explaining how Google is to blame for you-know-what’s absence.

With that bit of nitty-gritty dealt with, I invited series lead Jay Hernandez to list what qualities from the original Magnum he thought it vital to carry over. “He’s easygoing, charming…. The kind of person that both guys and girls want to hang out with,” he says.

Hernandez then surveys Magnum’s “band of brothers” bond with Theodore “TC” Calvin (played by Stephen Hill) and Orville “Rick” Wright (Zachary Knighton), before Perdita Weeks explains how her Higgins sees the fellas as “a bit of a fly in the ointment,” as she tries to run novelist Robin Masters’ sprawling, lavish estate.

Speaking of the estate, the cast then opens up about the “wild card” that is the Dobermans who play Zeus and Apollo. From there, Lenkov details the difference between his Magnum and Hawaii Five-0 reboots — and how the former series is working hard to film on different parts of Hawaii and have its own “look.” That said, a crossover of some sort is inevitable, with two Five-0 characters already appearing across the first pair of Magnum episodes.

Closing things out, Hernandez and Lenkov talk about getting Tom Selleck’s sign-off on the new Magnum, before each cast member offers up three adjectives to describe their characters. Whose list included “gorgeous”? “Crazy”? “Stoic”? and “Misunderstood”?

Magnum P.I. premieres Monday, Sept. 24 at 9/8c, where it leads into the relocated Bull.

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