Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Poll: Which New Shows Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Fall TV Schedule 2019

It may not sound biologically possible — and trust us, the visual is not pretty — but your DVR is salivating at this very moment.

Even with all that quality summer programming you’ve been feeding it, nothing compares to the taste of fresh-from-the-oven TV shows. And the broadcast networks this fall are ready to serve up more than 18 new comedies and dramas to your DVR, on a silver platter.

Thus far, TVLine has told you all about What’s New for the fall (complete with full descriptions and cast lists) as well as What’s On When, and Versus What (listing the day, time and competition for every broadcast series). We’ve also shared with you the first trailers for many of the new shows coming to ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW.

Now it’s time for you, the ultimate consumer of TV, to tell us something: Which fall comedies and dramas do you foresee adding to your weekly rotation? Review all of the details we’ve provided above, nudge your noggin with the synopses below, narrow your picks down to THREE (3) NEW COMEDIES and THREE (3) NEW DRAMAS, and then cast your official votes. Afterward, drop a comment with more of your thoughts on what will and won’t be deemed DVR-worthy this fall.

Fun fact: Last year, The Gifted led the dramas poll, followed by The Good Doctor and, well, Marvel’s Inhumans. On the comedy front, CBS’ Young Sheldon your most anticipated new comedy.

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