The Good Place Team Swears Season 3 Will Quickly Reunite Eleanor and Chidi With Tahani and Jason

Ask The Good Place’s Kristen Bell whether she prefers playing selfless or selfish Eleanor, and the answer is out of her mouth almost before there’s even a question mark at the end of the question. “Selfish Eleanor, for sure.”

As she told Michael Ausiello when she and her castmates stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite Saturday with series creator Michael Schur, “It is so liberating to walk into a room full of people, and your character doesn’t see anything but mirrors. It’s very unhealthy, but it’s also fun, as most unhealthy things are.”

At that, Ted Danson couldn’t resist chiming in. “This is so bizarre,” he said, “’cause that’s literally how I live my life.”

All kidding aside, the Q&A above does reveal some key intel about the NBC comedy’s upcoming Season 3 (premiering Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c) — its first set on Earth rather than in “the good place.” Not only does it feature the gang discussing Glee alum Mike O’Malley’s new role, but it includes Schur’s promise that “it won’t be very long” before Eleanor and Chidi are reunited with Jason and Tahani. “It’s not gonna be Episode 9 before the four of them are together.”

As a matter of fact, he added, “By the time the premiere is over, you’ll understand the scope of what we’re doing this season.”

Press PLAY on the video above to check it out, then hit the comments with any forking hilarious cleaned-up swears you’ve come up with.