Riverdale Cast Talks Dream 'Bughead' Proposal, Speakeasy Shenanigans and Major 'Choni' Growth in Season 3

Like a lot of couples, Riverdale‘s Betty and Jughead have slightly differing opinions when it comes to romance.

TVLine sat down with half of the CW drama’s cast — disclaimer: a second video is coming with the rest of the ensemble — in our San Diego Comic-Con suite to squeeze out as much scoop as possible about what’s coming up in Season 3, which premieres Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c.

For starters, could Jughead’s pseudo proposal for Betty to become his Serpent Queen turn into an actual proposal at some point? It’s possible, though they’ll have to get on the same page first. (Lili Reinhart is expecting Jughead to craft Betty a poem, while Cole Sprouse seems to think he can just ride in on his hog and claim what’s rightfully his.)

And with Madelaine Petsch and Vanessa Morgan on our couch, how could we not discuss all things “Choni”? Though Petsch admits that “Toni doesn’t know how loose of a cannon Cheryl is” yet, Morgan seems pretty confident that she can handle whatever the River Vixen captain can throw her way.

Also discussed in our interview: the mysterious location of Alice’s Serpent tattoo, the potential ‘ship names for Kevin and Moose (“Koose Koose”? “Kaboose”?) and, of course, whether we’ll finally get a “hot parents scene” in Season 3.

Hit PLAY on the video above to soak up all our shenanigans, then drop a comment with your own hopes for Riverdale Season 3 below.