Iron Fist Stars, EP Preview Season 2's 'Evolution' — Plus, Typhoid Mary Has How Many Personalities?!?

When the stars of Marvel’s Iron Fist stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con video suite Saturday with executive producer Raven Metzner, Michael Ausiello cut right to the chase, pointing out that the Netflix series had taken some hits from critics during Season 1. So what elements of it would they be keeping in Season 2 (which drops Friday, Sept. 7)?

“I think of Season 2 as an evolution,” replied Metzner, gesturing toward his cast to add, “There’s a lot of good that’s come from Season 1, and you’re looking at a bunch of it right here. [In the new episodes,] you’re gonna see a lot of evolution in their relationships and a lot of amazing action. Also, the show has sort of moved into the streets of New York, [so] the city’s a big character as well.”

Mind you, no Iron Fist character may be bigger than Alice Eve’s incoming supervillain, Typhoid Mary. “We’ve created a landscape for this season where she does have three personalities — I think that’s fair to say,” the actress had barely uttered before Metzner chimed in. What clarification did he make?

Press PLAY on the video above to find out. Plus, hear how the relatively grounded show is handling the fact that, thanks to Avengers: Infinity War, “there was once a giant space dragon that came through a hole in the sky.”

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