Why Legends of Tomorrow Is Skipping the Next Crossover — Though the Ladies Do Share a Batwoman Dream

There’s a very practical reason why the Legends of Tomorrow will not be a part of this TV season’s crossover event with Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl.

As Caity Lotz explained during the cast and showrunners’ visit to TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite, “The Legends have really set themselves apart from the rest of the Arrowverse. We’re very different [and] we’re not the same kind of show as the other ones, so we don’t [fit in as well].”

Plus, as many an Arrowverse actor/producer has never been shy to note each year, the multi-episode event is taxing on both production schedules and each show’s cast. “Logistically, it’s crazy,” Lotz said. “When you have too many characters, you don’t have the ability to do good character work.”

However, the Legends are not at all averse to mixing it up with their superfriends from other shows, though on a smaller-scale, breezier basis. And especially if the one to visit is the caped female crusader due to debut in this fall’s crossover. Press play above to hear which actors have specific designs on Batwoman.

Leading up to all that in the video Q&A above, the Legends stars and EPs Klemmer and Keto Shimizu also discuss:

* What sort of magical “fugitives” will the Legends be chasing down on a weekly basis?

* What new role is Maisie Richardson-Sellers playing, now that Amaya went back “home”?

* Why is Constantine crashing in Nate’s room aboard the Waverider?

* With Courtney Ford now a series regular, might Nora Darhk become a frenemy?

* How does Ava’s Time Bureau figure into the new season? (And will Sara ever sleep over at Agent Sharpe’s place?)

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