Disenchantment Trailer: Matt Groening Spins a Fractured Fairy Tale for Netflix

Matt Groening’s already covered the present with The Simpsons and the future with Futurama… so why not take a trip to the past? 

Netflix has unveiled the first trailer for Groening’s new animated comedy Disenchantment — debuting Friday, Aug. 17 on the streaming service — which takes us to the magical medieval kingdom of Dreamland. There, we meet Princess Bean (Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson), who’s not too thrilled to be married off to a prince, and impulsively ditches him at the altar. (Although she didn’t mean to impale the poor guy on the way out.)

Claiming her freedom, Bean sets off to find new adventures with her elf companion Elfo (Friends From College‘s Nat Faxon) and tiny demon Luci (Man Seeking Woman‘s Eric Andre). “I want to get rid of all the diseases plaguing mankind,” Luci declares… “and replace them with worse ones.” Along the way, Bean gets into a drinking contest involving the consumption of fairies, rides a winged lion and discovers she has a knack for butchering meat… just maybe not in the ideal setting for it.

“What’s this feeling I don’t want to drink away?” Bean marvels. “That’s hope,” Elfo offers.

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Enchantment, and hit the comments below to share your first impressions.

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