Mayans MC Cast and EPs Reveal How They'll 'Honor' Sons of Anarchy — Plus, Talk of SOA Characters Crossing Over

JD Pardo understands if Sons of Anarchy fans want to liken his Mayans MC character, EZ Reyes, to Charlie Hunnam’s Jax Teller. “I see how easy it is to make that comparison,” he told Michael Ausiello when the spinoff’s cast and executive producers stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite on Saturday. “But it’s different circumstances.

“In Sons of Anarchy, [Jax] was the prince in this kingdom,” he continued. “The thing about EZ is that he feels like he was never supposed to be there. It’s not like he was handed down this club life. He had his own ambitions — Stanford the American dream — and that got pulled out from underneath him, so now he’s struggling to survive and find his way in this world. It’s a lot harder for EZ” than it was for Jax.

Also included in the video above, co-creator Elgin James explains how the show intends to “honor” Sons of Anarchy, and Pardo hints at future visits from SOA characters besides Emilio Rivera’s Marcus. “Two of those clubs co-exist,” he teased. “What do you think will happen?”

Hit PLAY on the video above to find out what else he and his colleagues said, then hit the comments. Which SOA characters would you like to see cross over?