Legends @ Comic-Con: [Spoiler]'s New Character Revealed, 'Avalance' Update and... a Beatles Cameo?

Legends of Tomorrow Spoilers

One of Legends of Tomorrow‘s biggest mysteries has been answered: Maisie Richardson-Sellers — whose alter ego Amaya returned to her homeland of Zambesi at the close of Season 3 — will be playing a completely new character named Charlie in Season 4.

“[She’s] a magical fugitive who slips through” the rift the Waverider crew opened, Richardson-Sellers revealed during the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday. “She’s a rebel without a cause, she’s a trickster. She’s on her own mission, and the Legends stumble upon her. She’s going to shake up the ship” and “challenge” the team as they try to determine if the newcomer is a friend or foe.

Other highlights from the panel:

* Praise, Beebo! The furry scene-stealer will be back, showrunner Phil Klemmer promised after actor Adam Tsekhman (aka Gary) crashed the panel in a full head-to-toe Beebo costume.

* Actress Jes Macallan noted that a “West Wing-in-space” Time Bureau set has been built. Additionally, the Ava-Sara romance will be explored further. “We’re going to see these two really strong women try to domesticate” and try to “find time for each other,” the actress shared, adding that viewers will see a softer side of both characters.

* The season premiere finds the Waverider crew “in Woodstock,” star Tala Ashe teased, “and we might cross paths with the Beatles in the ’60s. [The episode is] so crazy. It’s going to be great.”

* “Nate will be living a little bit more in the real world, and he will be reconnecting with [his] father,” producer Keto Shimizu shared. Added actor Nick Zano: “You get a lot of insight into Nate’s history.”

* Nora Darhk will have a journey of self-reflection ahead of her. “She’s not with Mallus, she’s not with her father,” Courtney Ford noted. “She has to figure out who she is without these dark influences. Will she become a complicated ally? Ray’s such a positive energy and an incredibly positive influence. Is she going to be drawn towards that? Or is she going to [cat growl].”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 premieres Monday, Oct. 22 at 9/8c on The CW, now leading out of Arrow Season 7.