Tom Ellis Opens Up About Lucifer's 'Uplifting' Save, Reveal's Impact on 'Deckerstar,' Baring His Bum on Netflix

Tom Ellis was sporting a well-worn, well-utilized #SaveLucifer T-shirt when he stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con interview suite to reflect on the supernatural series’ save by Netflix, then tease what’s ahead for “DeckerStar.”

Rewinding a bit, Ellis recalled the “quite bizarre” experience of learning about Lucifer’s cancellation by Fox right after attending a fan event in Italy. And while he “suspected there would be some unhappy people” in the wake of the news, he was caught off-guard by the outpouring of support that ultimately helped get the show on Netflix’s radar.

Ellis then details how he got wind of the Season 4 salvation — following the threat of a “last-minute snag,” he shares — and how the good news instantly became “the most uplifting thing thats ever happened in my career.”

I then asked Ellis if the Ella-centric “bonus” episode, “Boo Normal,” that already aired on Fox offered any hints as to how things will be between Lucifer and Chloe, post-reveal. As for Season 4’s actual premiere, he promises this: “We get straight back into it,” wasting no time answering all the questions fans have.

“The truth is there’s going to be an impact on both of the characters,” he affirmed. And as that aftermath takes hold, “Does it take away from the fact that we both believe that these characters love each other?”

The video Q&A then wraps up with talk of a reborn animosity between Lucifer and another character, how the bingeable 10-episode Season 4 will offer “the purest way of telling the story, and — at the very end — whether he is game to show more skin on the show’s streaming home. (The showrunners previously told TVLine that they unsuccessfully lobbed to show the Devil’s derriere on Fox during Season 1.)

“I would like to think that my bum is best feature,” Ellis smiles. “But I might get some responses saying that isn’t the case! But I shall have it ready and shaved and prepped.”

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