Fear the Walking Dead Cast Issues a Season 4B Storm Warning: 'Walkers Fly'

During a visit to TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite Thursday, the cast of Fear the Walking Dead told Michael Ausiello that Season 4B would be introducing the mother of all Big Bads: Mother Nature. “It puts us all in these compromising survival conditions, which then bring out, ‘Who are we, really?'” said Jenna Elfman, who plays Laura… er, Naomi… er, June. “When faced not with an enemy in flesh but Mother Nature, people’s true selves, one way or another, are tested. So we really start seeing who [these characters are] to each other.”

Oh, and another thing: “Walkers fly,” promised Lennie James, who crossed The Walking Dead’s Morgan over to the series’ spinoff at the start of Season 4.

Also included in the video above, executive producer Gail Anne Hurd teases the back half’s “new conflicts and new people that [our survivors] encounter,” Alycia Debnam-Carey waxes nostalgic about the bygone days in which Alicia’s hair had so many waves, “you had to have a Dramamine,” and Colman Domingo (aka Strand) reveals how he wound up directing an episode of Fear TWD (which returns to AMC Sunday, Aug. 12).

Press PLAY on the video above to check it out, then hit the comments. Are you looking forward to a zombienado?