Big Bang Theory Season 12 Premiere: Fresh Intel on Sheldon and Amy's Honeymoon Destinations (Plural!)

The honeymoon phase of Sheldon and Amy’s relationship will be multi-pronged. Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Holland revealed Friday that the CBS comedy’s Season 12 opener (Sept. 24 at 8/7c) will find Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik’s newlyweds enjoying a rather ambitious post-wedding vacation. 

“They’re making a couple of different stops,” Holland divulged at TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con interview suite (watch video, above). “Each one of them got to pick a location for their honeymoon.” As a result, “Some traveling is involved,” fellow EP Steve Molaro noted, before quickly adding with a laugh, “For them, not us. It will all happen [on the] Warner Bros. [lot].”

Sheldon and Amy’s presence will nonetheless loom large back at home when the latter’s parents (played once again by Kathy Bates and Teller) disrupt the gang’s welcome hiatus from ‘Shamy.”

Holland also confirmed what was first announced at the show’s Comic-Con panel: The adult version of Young Sheldon‘s Tam will make his Big Bang debut this fall. “We have not cast the role [yet],” Holland noted. “We’re just writing that script now. We will learn why grownup Sheldon doesn’t talk about Tam and what happened to that relationship.”

Also in the above Q&A, Holland and Molaro once again weigh in on the final-season question and confirm that Howard and Bernadette will absolutely not [spoiler] in Season 12.

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