The Originals Recap: It's Like Pain on Your Wedding Day

The Originals Recap

Wednesday’s episode of The Originals doubled as an hourlong love letter to the show’s many ‘ships, one of which finally sailed into its long-overdue and well-deserved happily ever after.

While Freya and Keelin’s big day didn’t go down in flames like some of this franchise’s other weddings — need I remind you of the time Kai murdered Alaric’s bride and most of her family? — it certainly wasn’t without its hiccups. The first came in the form of Elijah, who turned down Freya’s request to walk her down the aisle with a simple “Sorry, I can’t.” To be fair, he was going through some stuff, all of which we’ll discuss later in full.

Hiccup No. 2, however, was all Freya. In her panicked state, she poured her heart out to Keelin about not wanting to start a family, saying, “I can’t give you what you want, Keelin. You deserve better.” Freya’s fiancée, rightfully, wasn’t having any of that, clapping back with, “Are you serious right now?!” She explained to Freya that she’s also scared to have a family, but that being with her made being a mom seem possible, easier.

It was a beautiful moment between the brides — almost as beautiful as the wedding itself, which had an extra touch of magic thanks to Hope’s impromptu butterfly spell. (Just watch, now every girl is going to want magical flying flowers at her wedding.) The biggest tearjerker moment, however, was when Klaus and Elijah walked Freya down the aisle together. This was the kind of slowed-down, emotional episode that reminded us why we’re so devoted to these characters in the first place. I kind of wish I could live in it forever.

Of course, no wedding would be complete without…

SOMETHING OLD | Let’s start with all the familiar (aka “old”) faces we got to see this week: Not only did Kol drop by — with wife Davina by his side! — to officiate his sister’s wedding, but Rebekah also returned to town in an official Maid of Honor capacity. The wedding also gave Rebekah a nice excuse to chat with Marcel, one of the first hopeful moments they’ve shared since she rejected his marriage proposal at the top of the season. If you’re anything like me, you got really excited when Marcel mentioned that it’s “never over for any of us,” to which Bex replied, “I sincerely hope not.” (I know we only have a few more episodes left, but they could totally squeeze in another wedding, right? … Right?)

SOMETHING NEW | Even though I already voiced my suspicions about Declan being more familiar with the supernatural world than he was letting on, I was still aghast when the broguish chef revealed to Marcel that he knows all about New Orleans’ undead underbelly. (Talk about an interesting “new” development, no?) Even more surprising was Marcel’s decision — prodded by some words of wisdom from Davina about honoring Josh’s memory — to help Declan become the new leader of the city’s human faction, offering to teach him all the rules and spells he’ll need, as well as how to fend off any creature that might come his way.

SOMETHING BORROWED | Given that she’s the star of The Originals‘ upcoming spinoff, I’m going to assume Hope survives her current predicament, but after receiving a supernatural examination from Dr. Davina, we learned that Klaus’ daughter is essentially living on “borrowed” time. Unleashing her wrath on the Nightwalkers only temporarily eased her suffering, and the darkness within her remains determined to take hold until it kills her. Even more heartbreaking than Hope’s fears about her first full-moon transformation were Klaus’ fears about losing the most important person in his life. The final shot of the episode, Klaus collapsing into Elijah’s arms and sobbing, was more than I was prepared to handle this week. Or ever.

SOMETHING BLUE | Elijah was the saddest (aka “blue”st) man in town this week as he recalled a chapter from his time in Manosque that we never knew about — one that involved Hayley. (If you don’t think my eyes started welling up with tears the second Phoebe Tonkin appeared on screen, you severely doubt my investment in these characters.) We learned that she “met” him under the alias Andrea and that he basically restored her faith in love.

“Did you ever feel like that, like you were destined for someone?” he asked while they watched an elderly couple dancing. “Yes,” she replied. “Once before.” This led into their own dance — which came with an almost-kiss that also killed me — which was cut tragically short. “I guess I’ll see you in the next life,” she said, to which he replied, “If we’re destined to meet each other in the next life, just know I’ll be waiting for another dance.”

As if that wasn’t enough to crush me into tiny pieces, Hayley also wrote Elijah a letter, thanking him for helping her move past her ex (aka also him): “Though I can’t say I’ll ever get over him entirely, I can finally look forward because of you,” she wrote. “I’ll never forget my time in France. And if by some chance we do meet again in another life, I’m going to hold you to that dance. Until then, be happy. And as you grow and find the parts of your life that fit you perfectly, make sure you never let them go.”

Let’s discuss: On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the equivalent of an ugly cry), how emotional did this episode make you? Drop your full review in a comment below, and check out our behind-the-scenes interview with the brides.

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