The Originals Photos: Freya and Keelin's Wedding Day Arrives

The Originals Wedding Photos

It may feel like The Originals is spiraling into a bottomless pit of despair, but these photos from Freya and Keelin’s upcoming nuptials are proof that brighter days are ahead.

The couple — which became engaged after an explosion nearly claimed Keelin’s life, putting things into perspective for Freya — officially ties the knot on the show’s July 18 episode (The CW, 9/8c), appropriately titled “‘Til the Day I Die.” (You know, because it would be too much to ask for a wedding in this franchise to not be shrouded in potential disaster.)

In addition to revealing the ladies’ wedding attire, these photos also feature a refreshing moment of sibling bonding between Klaus and Freya, in addition to a shot of Hope looking on lovingly as (I assume) Freya’s maid of honor.

“Freya’s normally so focused on getting things done and putting her family first that you never get to see this emotional side of her,” Riley Voelkel (aka Freya) told TVLine back when the couple was first being established last season. “We’re starting to see her form a relationship with someone outside of the family, and we’re learning that there’s so much more to her than we knew. She has feelings and desires!”

Browse photos of the Kol-officiated ceremony in our gallery — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your hopes for the final episodes of The Originals below.

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