Netflix Launches New Binge Assist: The Pros and Cons of 'Smart Downloads'

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Catching up on your Netflix queue just got way easier — if you’re an Android user, that is.

The streaming service on Tuesday announced the launch of its Smart Downloads app feature, which aims to make on-the-go viewing more convenient.

The pro: When users finish watching a downloaded episode of Netflix content, Smart Downloads will delete it and automatically download the next episode, saving users from having to manually add and remove files from their phones or tablets.

The con: The Smart Downloads feature is currently only available for Android users, and there’s no word from Netflix on when it will reach iPhones and iPads.

“Since we launched the download feature in 2016, one thing has been clear — members love downloading and enjoying Netflix on the go,” said Cameron Johnson, director of product innovation at Netflix. “Whether they are commuting, traveling or just in a place with pricey or spotty internet access, the download feature makes it possible for our members to take their stories with them wherever they go… We also want to emphasize that giving consumers more control over their entertainment experience is at the heart of everything we do, and members can choose when they want to use Smart Downloads.”

Further instructions on how to use Smart Downloads can be found here. Will you be taking advantage of the new feature?