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Riverdale Season 3 Video: Who's Visiting Archie in His Hour of Need?

Here are four words Archie Andrews could be hearing a lot in the near future: “You have a visitor.”

Riverdale‘s second season ended with KJ Apa‘s character being hauled off in handcuffs — framed by Hiram Lodge for the murder of Cassidy Bullock — and if Archie’s legal luck continues to proceed in this direction, he could be spending some time behind bars.

But don’t worry, the most popular kid in school would also be the most popular kid in the clink; when TVLine recently caught up with Apa’s co-stars on the CW Upfront carpet in New York, they all seemed certain that their characters would visit Archie during his hour of need.

Vanessa Morgan thinks Toni could offer him some sage advice from her own past run-ins with the law, Charles Melton believes that Reggie could put his issues with Archie aside (for now), and Cole Sprouse… well, let’s just say he has some big ideas about what Jughead can do for his best friend. And they each involve a different type of explosive.

Hit PLAY on the video above to see which Riverdale residents will be visiting Archie in the clink, then drop a comment with your own hopes for Season 3 below.