Is Kathy Griffin the Star of Showtime's 'Dangerous' Mystery Comedy Project?

Kathy Griffin Showtime Comedy

Showtime has been dropping breadcrumbs about a top-secret comedy project premiering later this month, and although it’s just a hunch, we think we might have followed them all the way to the ginger…bread house.

But before we present our theory, watch these videos posted to Showtime’s YouTube channel over the past few days, teasing the premiere of “perhaps the most dangerous show in the history of television”:

Color us presumptuous, but when we think about potentially “dangerous” comedians, we’re immediately reminded of Kathy Griffin‘s infamous May 2017 photoshoot in which she held up a replica of President Donald Trump’s severed head. Griffin faced immediate backlash for the stunt, losing major endorsement deals, as well as her gig as Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Eve co-host on CNN.

In a follow-up video posted to YouTube, Griffin revealed that she had been investigated by the Secret Service to determine whether she presented any actual threat to Trump; the FBI also met with her to discuss how she should handle death threats that she and her family members received from outraged Trump supporters.

But time — along with an insane news cycle — heals all wounds, and Griffin is poised for a comeback. A Jan. 2018 profile in The Hollywood Reporter noted that she’s “plotting her next steps … reaching out to anyone who might help, including J.J. Abrams … who met with her recently to discuss her various TV ideas.” She also returned to the small screen in April, playing Kellyanne Conway in an episode of Comedy Central’s The President Show.

It should be noted that Showtime’s Our Cartoon President — which would make a suitable companion for a Griffin-led show — also returns with new episodes on July 15. When asked if Griffin will star in this secret comedy project, a rep for Showtime told TVLine, “We have no comment.”

Do you agree that all signs point to Griffin? Which other “dangerous” comedians could be spearheading this project? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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