Better Call Saul Season 4 First Look: Is Jimmy Getting Close to Breaking Bad?

Better Call Saul Season 4 AMC Mike Jimmy

Better Call Saul is about to kick off its fourth season… and you can almost hear that twangy guitar from the Breaking Bad theme song warming up in the background, can’t you?

TVLine has an exclusive first look at six new photos from Season 4 of Saul — premiering Monday, Aug. 6 at 9/8c — and it looks like Jimmy McGill is inching closer toward becoming the shifty Saul Goodman we know from his Breaking Bad days. Here, we see Jimmy in an intense diner-booth meeting with Mike Ehrmantraut, and also dressed in a tracksuit and hustling something out of the back of a van… which doesn’t look entirely legit. But we also see him enjoying breakfast with a still-recovering Kim, so maybe she can keep him away from the dark side a little while longer.

We get more Breaking Bad nods, too: The Cousins — aka Hector Salamanca’s silent hitman nephews — are back, after providing Hector with some muscle in Season 2. Gus Fring is back, too, coolly conducting business as usual. Plus, we may get an origin story for the vaunted Superlab where Walter White later cooks up his blue meth, with a shot of Mike meeting someone inside the industrial laundromat that serves as the Superlab’s front.

How bad will Jimmy break in Season 4? Check out the photo gallery above — or click here for direct access — and then drop your predictions in a comment below.