Stephen Nichols Talks Days Exit, His 'Hope' to Continue Steve/Kayla's Story

Stephen Nichols Leaving DAYS

Stephen Nichols has opened up about his “disappointment” with Days of Our Lives, as news spreads about his latest exit from the role of Steve “Patch” Johnson.

Back in April, Nichols responded to a Soap Opera Digest “Performer of the Week” award for him and leading lady Mary Beth Evans by writing on Instagram, “I do believe continuing to weave Steve and Kayla’s past into present day story is intelligent writing. However, one day per week (or less) doesn’t give the fans enough time to live with these characters. Respectfully, hoping for a remedy to this.”

A remedy seemingly never surfaced. Rather, rumors swirled earlier this month that Nichols hadn’t taped at the NBC sudser since March. And just this week, it was reported that he and the soap in fact reached an impasse over his contract, so he did not re-sign.

Now, in a new Instagram post, Nichols says, “Days of Our Lives is home and I want to be there,” but he indicates that the current writing regime let him (as well as Patch/Kayla fans) down.

“I’ve been in this business long enough to understand the rotation of stories, and I get that we can’t always be at the forefront,” writes the daytime-TV vet, “and despite my disappointment in the lack of story this past year, I’ve always worked hard and we’ve always tried to find the moments in whatever we’ve been given. I think we did that.”

Nichols goes on to hint that although he has parted ways with Days and is reportedly set to last appear on-screen in September, he is open to again sporting an eye patch, under the right circumstances.

“I know that there are still years of Steve and Kayla’s story left to be told,” he writes. “I hope we get to tell that story.”

Do you have faith that Days and Nichols can work things out and do right by Patch and Kayla? Or, are you also a General Hospital fan who might rather see him reprise the role of Stefan Cassadine?