RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Reunion: Who Made Nice? And Who Walked Off?

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap

One week ahead of Drag Race‘s dramatic finale, RuPaul summoned all of the Season 10 queens for something even more dramatic: a reality show reunion!

The evening’s biggest drama — surprise, surprise! — came courtesy of The Vixen, who stormed off stage after struggling to express herself during a heated exchange with Eureka and the other queens. While rehashing their infamous feud, The Vixen and Eureka appeared to remember the events differently; Eureka recalls apologizing for acting “like a foolish bitch,” whereas The Vixen remembers Eureka asking how they were going to “handle” their dynamic. Feeling that Eureka was simply introduced in producing the problem, rather than actually fixing it, The Vixen says she lost all trust in Eureka from that moment on.

But even in The Vixen’s absence, tensions lingered. At one point, an overwhelmed Asia O’Hara broke down in tears, saying, “We’re not just drag queens, we’re people. Now we’ve got one of our people outside. Here we are filming during pride season, and we let one of our sisters walk out the f–king room because no one wanted to f–king help her. And we are the first people to say that people aren’t treating us right.”

Other highlights from the reunion include…

* When asked what inspired Miss Vanjie to start chanting her own name during her infamous elimination walk-off, she said, “Truth be told, girl, in my had I wasn’t going to go home, so I didn’t prepare no message to leave.” She also said that “Vanjie” has become a multi-purpose word, one you can use for “whatever.” (She said she’s even received videos of people having sex, saying they’re getting “Vanjie’d.”)

* Monique Heart revealed the very simple reason she didn’t know the words to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Cut to the Feeling” during her lip sync battle: “Because I stayed up all night working on that damn costume!” Fair enough. She added that blowing a lip sync is really painful because you’re “doing the very thing you do to pay your bills.”

* Though Dusty Ray Bottoms’ parents have apologized for attempting to exorcise her gay demons, they still don’t see eye-to-eye about homosexuality. She admitted that it’s hard to have strangers on the street say how proud they are of her, yet not hear the same words of encouragement from members of her own family.

* Blair St. Clair has been living a sober life since leaving the competition, an announcement that was met with resounding applause from her fellow queens; excessive drinking, she explained, was one of the many ways she tried to cope with the pain of her sexual assault. “I am a more humbled, caring, thoughtful person,” she said. “It has truly changed my life.”

* Miz Cracker revealed that it took her “months” to get over Asia saying that she’s “not a star,” a feeling of self-doubt she was already experiencing prior to hearing it. In fact, the only reason she came on Drag Race was to “show people I was not less than.” Things appear to be OK between Asia and Cracker now, even if Cracker’s final words were, “Not next time, bitch.” Yikes.

* Last, but certainly not least, Kameron Michaels’ fellow queens — led by Monique Heart — called her out for not being genuine in their encounters. Dusty Ray Bottoms, for example, feels like Kameron never acknowledges her when they’re in the same room, and several queens noted that Kameron’s in-person attitude is a stark contrast to the one she puts forward on social media.

Did your opinion about any of this season’s queens change after watching the Ru-union? And which of the four finalists are you hoping will snatch the crown next week? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.