Young & Hungry Returns: Grade the Freeform Comedy's Final Premiere

Young & Hungry Premiere

Freeform’s Young & Hungry kicked off its final run of episodes on Wednesday, giving Josh and Gabi a chance to enjoy their new life as a couple — much to the vexation of every single person in their orbit.

The first half of the two-part premiere (“Young & Downton Gabi”) sent a wave of paranoia through Josh’s apartment, with Elliot and Yolanda convinced that both of their jobs are in danger now that Gabi has “all the power.” Gabi thought that spending more time with Josh at her place would fix everything, but in true Young & Hungry fashion, it only served to stir up more chaos. Not only was Sofia less than thrilled about suddenly having a boy in her apartment all the time, but Josh couldn’t even make it through one night there without having a full-on meltdown over his new girlfriend’s sloppy surroundings.

Following a series of sitcomical misunderstandings — which somehow led to Elliot stealing Josh’s boxers after thinking he was getting fired — the tensions within the group finally settled, though something tells us Sofia will never stop pining for the memory foam mattress that got away.

Speaking of Sofia, the second half of the premiere (“Young & Third Wheel”) found Josh setting up Gabi’s desperate roommate on a date with his dentist, leading to yet another series of mishaps, including Elliot’s husband mistaking a sexy boudoir photo shoot for… a Jewish conversion? In the end, things didn’t exactly work out for Sofia and her dreamy dentist, mostly because Gabi accidentally reunited him with his ex-girlfriend — but at least Elliot and his husband got to live out their dogsledding fantasies, and isn’t that what really matters?

Are you relieved to have Young & Hungry back in your life? Grade Wednesday’s two-part premiere below, then drop a comment with your hopes for the final episodes.

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