Trial & Error: Kristin Chenoweth Pleads Her Innocence in Season 2 Trailer

If Trial & Error‘s Josh Segal thought his last client was difficult to defend, he is not at all prepared for his next case.

In the trailer for Season 2 of NBC’s mockumentary comedy — first published by EW.com — bright-eyed defense attorney Josh (played by Nicholas D’Agosto) and his ragtag legal team are tasked with exonerating Lavinia Peck-Foster, “the only royalty left” in East Peck.

Lavinia’s trial should be an easy win for Josh, seeing as she’s beloved in her South Carolina community — “Everybody say, ‘Innocent!'” Lavinia beams as she poses for a photo with the jury — but given that her husband’s dead body was literally found in the trunk of her car, Josh still has his work cut out for him in the courtroom.

Also featured in the Season 2 trailer: a now-pregnant (!) ADA Carol Anne Keane, who tries to convince the jury that Lavinia is really “a brutal and savage psychopath.” (Judging by the look in Lavinia’s eyes during that accusation, Carol Anne might actually be right.)

Trial & Error: Lady, Killer debuts with a one-hour premiere on Thursday, July 19, at 9/8c on NBC. Watch the full trailer above, then hit the comments with your hopes for Season 2!